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Opinion The little known rule in the Highway Code that applies to dog walkers

In our self-serving society the rhetoric is strong, but the proof is in actions, not words. We all believe we have the right to take precedence: I have a friend who works hard, pays taxes yet is aghast that he should have to wait behind others who don’t pay the tax he does - in some cases, none at all - in order to see that rarest of species in their natural habitat: the GP.

The lady wasn't for turning - I realised that I was

‘The lady's not for turning’ has become entwined in Tory folklore after it was uttered by Thatcher at a party conference in October 1980. It’s still viewed by many as setting the tone for future decades of rule where, so hell bent are those in power on doing it their way, they often choose to refuse to alter direction to save losing face.

Opinion When televisions were rubbish, but television was great

When young, entertainment was limited. It was never an issue however as we knew no alternative. Days would be spent on a home-made go cart, complete with pre-requisite pram wheels, a length of wood in place of a brake and a rope steering handle which, if you turned too far left or right would flip the cart over and another trip to the local A & E would beckon.

Opinion We shouldn't blame Covid for our own stupidity

I live in a village and there is one thing we have in abundance: idiocy. That situation can be replicated across the country from city to glade, from farmer to copper, to teacher to baker to candlestick maker, as a collective bout of intellectual vacuity seeps into every community and vocational pore.