The DVLA is cracking down on untaxed cars in London.

A new advertising campaign is focusing on the consequences of continuing to drive an untaxed vehicle.

Punishments can range from financial penalties and court action to clamping and losing your car.

The DVLA has said there is no reason to be driving an untaxed vehicle as it takes such a small amount of time to organise.

A giant clamp at the centre of the campaign image reflects the fact that DVLA takes enforcement action against untaxed vehicles on streets across the country and it will happen to you if you don’t tax your vehicle on time.

According to the Department of Transport, the number of untaxed vehicles has trebled since tax discs were scrapped in 2014, and since Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras were brought in there really is no place to hide.

DVLA head of enforcement Tim Burton said: "This campaign has a clear message for anyone who flouts the law in this way, tax it or lose it.

"We would rather not have to clamp or remove vehicles, but this campaign highlights the consequences of not taxing a vehicle."

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London has the highest number of untaxed cars in the whole of the UK, so this campaign is to get people to start taking some responsibility.

Is your car taxed?