The number of Covid-19 deaths in Watford, Hertsmere and Three Rivers has halved in a week.

Figures released today by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows there were 30 Covid-19 deaths registered in the three areas in the most recently recorded week – the week ending May 1 (and had been registered up to May 9). The figure was 61 in the previous week.

According to the ONS, the number of deaths in a week has dropped by more than two-thirds in Watford – from 24 in the week ending April 24 to 7 in the week ending May 1.

In Hertsmere, there were 25 Covid-19 deaths in the week ending April 24. Over the next week, this figure has more than halved to 10.

But in Three Rivers, the number of Covid-19 deaths rose slightly from 12 to 13.

Nonetheless, the figures today further suggests an overall downward trend and that the three areas have passed a peak, which happened in the middle of April.

The figures came before NHS England revealed that 350 further people across the country have died after testing positive for coronavirus.

One of these deaths occurred at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, the health body said.

A breakdown of the ONS figures for Watford, Hertsmere and Three Rivers can be found below.

Total number of Covid-19 deaths (where Covid 19 has appeared on the death certificate) that occurred up to May 1:

Hertsmere – 150

Watford – 94

Three Rivers – 68

Number of Covid-19 deaths that occurred in the most recently recorded week - ending May 1:

Hertsmere – 10

Watford – 7

Three Rivers – 13

Care homes

The figures today paint a brighter picture that the number of residents dying of Covid-19 in care homes is going down.

According to the ONS, there were just nine deaths recorded across Watford, Hertsmere and Three Rivers in the week ending May 1.

In the previous week - ending April 24 - the data showed there had been 19 coronavirus deaths in care homes. And the week before – ending April 17, which could be considered the coronavirus peak - showed that there had been 30.

In Hertsmere, there has been a significant drop from 15 coronavirus deaths in care homes during the peak to just one death two weeks later.

For Watford, care home Covid-19 deaths have dropped by more than half - from 10 during the peak to four two weeks later.

But in Three Rivers, the downward trend was less apparent. There were five care home Covid-19 deaths during the peak. This dropped slightly to three the next week. But in the following week – ending May 1 – the figure rose slightly to four.

Here are the total number of Covid-19 deaths in care homes that occurred between the week ending March 13 (the time of the first coronavirus death) to the most recent week (which ends on May 1):

Hertsmere – 36

Watford – 27

Three Rivers – 14

Nationally, the number of deaths involving Covid-19 in the UK has now passed 40,000.

These figures show that 35,044 deaths involving Covid-19 occurred in England and Wales up to May 1 (and had been registered up to May 9).