The weather has certainly enjoyed an upturn in recent weeks and whilst its longevity over the summer remains to be seen, it’s certainly at this time of year that we all feel more inclined to venture out in to the garden. 

If you’re planning to put your property on the market, ensuring that your outside space creates a good first impression is vital – after all, if you’re not proud of what everyone walks past, what will the interior be like? 

Data varies as to the exact impact that a messy, unattractive garden can have on the overall value of your home, but with easily rising in to the tens of thousands, a few hours spent tinkering around on the weekend could be time well spent – not least of all because purchasers take just a matter of seconds to decide whether they like a property before they’ve even stepped inside!  Research in the past has even suggested that up to a third would not view a house if they were put off by its exterior.

The good news is, though, that you don’t have to be a green-fingered Monty Don to make a real difference!

Keeping on top of your lawn’s appearance to ensure that it looks neat and tidy may feel mundane, but well coifed turf provides the ideal canvas on which to add colour and character in the form of potted plants, garden ornaments or perhaps a seat or bench.  Hanging baskets additionally add some personality to a home and if you’re the sort of person who forgets to do the watering (when nature doesn’t provide that itself), plastic topiary balls provide a stylish and care-free alternative!

But whilst your lawn may be the largest part of your garden, your attention on this shouldn’t detract from keeping paths and patios clear.  Ensure you regularly remove weeds and carry out a quick sweep before prospective purchasers arrive to view your property.  This will provide an air of pride before they’ve even stepped through the front door!

Turning attentions to the borders of your garden, you can be as adventurous (or not!) as your gardening skills allow – just don’t leave great expanses of empty soil!  Slate or shingle help provide a low maintenance border that creates real impact, or you may be someone who prefers lots of greenery.  In either scenario, ensure you keep on top of the weeding and educate yourself on less savoury garden invaders such as Bindweed, Morning Glory or worst of all, Japanese Knotweed!

Japanese Knotweed has the potential to grow a staggering foot in just a week and spread up to seven metres in all directions per season.  It has been known to destroy walls and cause significant damage to underground drains so if you fear that it may be in your own garden, you’d be well advised to seek professional advice on its removal before you place your property on the market as any prospective purchaser may have trouble securing a mortgage whilst it remains present.

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