House buyers will be able to look around some of the best homes in the region when estate agent Savills opens the doors to scores of its properties.

The annual Open Houses event is an opportunity to view property in the company of other buyers or with the owner, with an expert from Savills also on hand. Once registered, prospective buyers can view as many homes as they wish, allowing them to directly compare a number of like-for-like properties on the same day.

On Saturday, 11th May between 10am and 4pm, Savills Rickmansworth will be opening the doors to 25 homes from its property portfolio, which together reflect the fantastic variety on offer in Watford and wider Hertfordshire.

Graeme Warren, head of residential at Savills Rickmansworth, says open houses offer buyers a fresh perspective on their property search.

“Buyers tend to start their search with a prescribed idea of where they want to live, but more often than not end up buying elsewhere,” he said. “Hugely popular in the United States and Australia, and increasingly so here in the UK, open houses are an excellent way to explore what’s on offer in an informal setting and on their own terms. Crucially, the nature of the event means that buyers are encouraged to look beyond their search parameters, which can be hugely beneficial.

“Once registered, those looking for a new home can see as few or as many properties as they like on the day, using the opportunity to spend time in an area they are interested in and try on the lifestyle for size. This can often open up new possibilities; and for some, the door to their dream home.”

Savills top tips for buyers

  1. Plan the route

Decide how many properties to visit, and the best way round to see them. Remember Savills Open Houses is all about experience, so build in plenty of time to take in the local area and check out all-important local amenities.

  1. Do your homework

Savills Open Houses is an opportunity to understand what buyers really want. Get the most out of the day by studying the information beforehand, and preparing questions for the owners about both the property and its location. It’s also a good opportunity to get a feel for the area first hand by going for a walk, stopping for a coffee or having lunch in the local pub.

  1. Don’t rush

Wait until getting home before making an offer and calling the agent. Take time to reflect upon whether this really is the right property at an affordable price.

Savills top tips for sellers

  1. Create a warm welcome

Remember that most buyers visiting a property will have already scoured the images and details online. The viewing is about them exploring it for themselves, to get a feel for whether it is right for them. Help this by creating a relaxed atmosphere and making them feel as comfortable as possible.

  1. Paint a picture

Registered buyers will be keen to take advantage of the opportunity to talk about a home. Be prepared to answer questions about everything from the history of the property to how long it takes to walk to the local pub.

  1. Showcase lifestyle features

With lifestyle front-of-mind for many it is worth making an extra effort to highlight features such as outdoor entertaining spaces.

The one-day event is expected to attract local, national and international buyers, all looking to take advantage of the opportunity to view properties for sale in a relaxed and informal setting.

To take part register online at or call the Rickmansworth office on 01923 773171. Once registered, buyers will be given property details and local area guides ahead of the event to help plan their day. They will also receive a unique code, which will provide access to view properties at their leisure.