A Barnet singer, whose tracks have more than half a million streams on Spotify, has spoken about her new release and difficulties launching her career in Barnet.

Lifelong Totteridge resident Nathalie Miranda will be releasing a new single on September 2, after going from Barnet festivals and open mics to expanding her audience internationally over lockdown.

Nathalie, 39, describes herself as a north London singer songwriter with a retro-pop sound and lists Freddie Mercury as her biggest hero and inspiration as a musician.

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She said: “I like to speak a lot about empowerment, I like to talk about never giving up on your goals.

Times Series: Nathalie MirandaNathalie Miranda “I’ve had so many rejections my whole life, people will say that it's too different or even my background is too boring to do anything with because I haven’t had horrible things happen to me.

“I just keep going, I’m determined and I’m not going to give up.”

During lockdown Nathalie was furloughed and so was able to focus on the music and made use of social media to expand her audience internationally.

Times Series: Cover for new single Back to LifeCover for new single Back to Life

She also developed a varied sound with both more rock inspired tracks, as well as synth-heavy work.

She said: “I’ve now got a large following in Latin America after my song Catch 22 took off there.

“I started doing live events online during lockdown too, and that has done well in the United States.

Times Series: Nathalie MirandaNathalie Miranda

“I think because I make such varied music there is a song for everyone.”

Spotify lists London as the top city for listeners, but this is closely followed by Mexico City and then Amsterdam.

“Having lived in Barnet my whole life, I have played so many festivals and open mics here, I always want to be part of the community and keep doing that,” she added.Times Series: Nathalie MirandaNathalie Miranda

Nathalie said her dream is to take her songs on the road for a major international tour.

She said: “My approach is that if I keep writing good music then everything else will fall into place.”

Her new song Back to Life releases on September 2 and pre-downloads are already available.

Visit her website for more: nathaliemiranda.com/home