A ‘drag’ bingo night with “the best queen in town” has raised £1,000 for Age UK Barnet and Fighting with Pride charities.

Star of the bingo was female impersonator known as Manuka Honey, putting on a rip-roaring evening of cabaret and banter as well as calling out the numbers.

One bingo player enjoying the cabaret was 60-year-old Kim Murphy from East Barnet, glad to get away from what’s happening in the world.

“It’s all been so depressing in the news,” she said. “But this drag bingo night really cheered me up, the best night in ages.”

Another player, 63-year-old Leo Gibbons, also from East Barnet, chipped in: “This is what a charity event should be — welcoming people from all parts of the community.”

The drag bingo was staged at East Finchley’s Ann Owen centre as “a spirit of acceptance and inclusion”.

Age UK Barnet’s day club manager José Galea said afterwards: “We celebrate Pride in our day clubs by being honest and open, listening to people’s needs and supporting their families.”

The charity’s Barnet team now wants to make drag bingo an annual event to break down barriers for those who feel they “don’t belong”.