A debut author built a new world and created a superhero to save it, all while travelling on the tube. Now he hopes his sci-fi adventure will take him all the way to Hollywood.

Xavier Page, a residential investment and property developer from Mill Hill, praises modern technology for enabling him to write Kalyuga and the Rise of the Dark Pearl without sacrificing too much time.

“As a writer it’s all about the moment, when you finally have an idea or a vision of a creative scene for a specific chapter, you have to write it down. It could be anywhere, often for me it was on the train.

“Nowadays it’s very easy to write on a digital mobile device. Today’s technology is amazing and it makes it easier instead of having to wait to switch on your pc or laptop.”

Kalyuga and the Rise of the Dark Pearl is an adventure story where the end of the earth appears imminent. From a far off galaxy hope emerges in the shape of Kalyuga, Thysos King’s daughter who has to battle demons and all sorts of demi-gods and underworld creatures as she attempts to secure the Gate of Life and bring stability to the galaxies.

Xavier is already working on a sequel, Kalyuga and the Rise of the Soul Collector, and he plans for both books to be part of a trilogy.

He is also hoping that one day his work could be turned into a feature film, he says: “I love acting and writing and Hollywood is a place that I would love to work. The main purpose of writing the book was to create movie potential for any producer from Hollywood that would be interested in investing in this great project that I’ve created.”

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