Artworks inspired by cycles, circles, seasons and rotations feature in an exhibition by more than 20 members of the East Finchley Open, a group of artists and craftspeople local to the area.

Among the more literal of the interpretations of the Cycles theme are the works of sculptor Fiona Goldbacher, from East Finchley, who has submitted one of her paintings for this exhibition, and Sandra Levine from Hampstead Garden Suburb.

The more unusual interpretations comes from basketmaker Mary Poulter’s Willow Cycle, in which the East Finchley artist interprets the life cycle of her raw material. “In one year a coppiced stump can produce shoots from four to 15ft in length,“ she says. “As well as enhancing the landscape, offering a home for wildlife and materials for basketry, willow can be used as a renewable biomass to produce energy.“

The East Finchley Open’s ceramic artists face a tougher challenge in translating the theme as wall-hung works, but ceramicist Sheila Seepersaud-Jones, from Hampstead Garden Suburb has interpreted the cycles of work created in the preparation of clay.

An organic approach is also suggested by textile artist Clara Hancock, from Golders Green, while jewellery-maker Gabby Gassner and photographers Mike Coles and Jane Higgison, all from East Finchley, each offer individual approaches to the challenge.

  • Cycles is at Highgate Gallery, South Grove, Highgate from Friday, March 8 to Thursday, March 21, from Tuesday to Friday 1pm to 5pm, on Saturdays 11am to 4pm and Sundays 11am to 5pm. Details: 020 8340 3346,,

Fiona Goldbacher

Sculptor Fiona Goldbacher, from East Finchley, spends most of her time sculpting in marble in Italy, but for this exhibition painted a watercolour of the trees in her back garden. ”The seasons are very exciting,” she says, “the whole birth, life and death cycle. I’ve chosen the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, but all the seasons are equally interesting to paint.”

Ann Froomberg

Ann Froomberg, from North Finchley, originally trained as a textile designer and has submitted two framed, hand-painted silks entitled Sunset and Sunrise. “I have always been very sensitive to sunlight,” she says, “and feel one of the most important cycles is one we all take for granted – the cycle of the day which plays such an important part in all our lives. To mark this I focused on the rising and setting of the sun.”

Sandra Levine

Oil painter Sandra Levine, from Hampsted Garden Suburb, has two works on display, including this one, Ever Changing Seasons. "I was driving through Maine in New England in autumn, competing with my husband to take the best picture. Trees change in a perpetual cycle, and I interpreted one of my photographs showing this."

Sheila Seepersaud-Jones

Sheila Seepersaud-Jones, from Hampstead Garden Suburb, is displaying two ceramic bowls in the exhibition, entitled Round and Round. “This Dutchman’s Breeches plant, which I painted on these two bowls, grows profusely in my garden,” she says. “Every winter the plant disappears but in spring it reappears. These sculptural reddish-pink, heart-shaped flowers are truly inspirational for the artist.