A canal boat chugs into view beyond the white bridge, the reflection of both in the water broken only by the falling autumn leaves; the famed Cassiobury heron sits on the bank and looks out across the water; barges decked in rainbow-coloured bunting and adorned with flowers and all manner of inflatable decorations jostle for position at the Waterways Festival.

These are just some of the pictures that will feature in the new exhibition at Watford Museum, Walking in Cassiobury, put together by Cassiobury resident Raffi Katz, who took the photos to illustrate his book, Cassiobury Walks.

“I’m a bit nervous as I’ve never done an exhibition before,“ says Raffi, of the 30 photos he took over a two-and-a-half year period of landscapes, wildlife, activities, and events such as Bonfire Night and funfairs.

The photos also cover each of the four seasons, showing the park and its wilder areas in snow and ice as well as glorious sunshine.

“For the picture of the canal covered in ice and the snowy banks, I had to lie down on the ground,“ laughs Raffi, “it was minus eight!

“Living close to the park, I tend to rush over there whenever the light is nice or there’s something unusual like a storm brewing or an event in the park. I say to my wife ‘I’m just popping out for ten minutes’ and rush off with my camera.“

  • Walking in Cassiobury is at Watford Museum, Lower High Street, Watford, April 3 to 26. Raffi will be giving a talk at the museum on Friday, April 11 at 2pm, booking is essential. Details: 01923 232297, watfordmuseum.org.uk, cassiobury-walks.co.uk