Cars piled up in an Edmonton scrap yard are considered with as much originality as the hot beaches of Spain or the fields of Provence in Evelyn Korn's new exhibition at Highgate Gallery. 

Paintings of Evelyn’s local Southgate are striking in their powerful intensity, while the Dorset landscapes are quieter and more tranquil. Unusual juxtapositions add a surreal quality which elevates the mundane to the marvellous.

Evelyn’s work draws inspiration from the patterns, shapes and colours of both the natural world and man-made environments, seeking out the unusual in the everyday, effectively conveying the vividness and vibrancy of life whatever the subject matter.

She experiments with scale, offering a variety of canvases from the very large to the small and playful.

Highgate Gallery, 11 South Grove, Highgate, N6 6BS, Friday, October 14 until Thursday, October 27. Details: 020 8340 3343