A new exhibition will celebrate the portrayal of fairies and elves in art.

The most popular work in Heath Robinson Museum’s collection is a painting called The Fairy’s Birthday, and the finest examples of Heath Robinson’s illustrative work are the drawings that he made in 1914 to illustrate A Midsummer Night’s Dream. These works from the museum’s collection will be the centrepiece of an exhibition that traces the ways in which fairies and elves have been portrayed from the early Victorian period to the recent past.

The Heath Robinson pictures will be complemented by examples from the foremost Victorian fairy artist Richard Doyle and his brother Charles Altamont Doyle. The exhibition will also include illustrations by Charles Robinson, Arthur Rackham, from the turn of the last century and examples by Florence Mary Anderson, Helen Jacobs and Margaret Tarrant from the inter-war years.

There will also be eight of the original watercolours for the Flower Fairy books by Cicely Mary Barker. More recent works will include an original cel from Walt Disney’s film of Peter Pan and two watercolours by Brian Froud.

Heath Robinson Museum, Pinner Memorial Park, West End Lane, Pinner, Saturday, November 30, to Sunday, February 23. Details: 020 8866 8420 heathrobinsonmuseum.org