With a Brown Eyed Boy series on MTV under his belt, Marlon Davis is a bright young comedian, improviser and actor. Crowned winner of the broadcast FHM Search For A Stand-up Competition, and finalist in three other national comedy awards, Marlon’s act is inspired from his upbringing, exploring urban Britain tackling its social issues with skilful characterisations.

What makes you laugh?

My son. He’s six years old and the other day I caught him licking the carpet. I said: “What are you doing that for?” He said: “I don’t know.” He’s an only child. He does something every day that makes me think I don’t want another one.

Who inspired you to become a comedian?

I always loved stand-up comedy from a young age, but it was US comedian Chris Rock who made me think wow, that’s what I wanted to do. Not only was he funny, but his comedy also had a message.

Have you always wanted to be a comedian? Why?

Yes. I’ve always loved putting smiles on everyone’s faces. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Tell me a joke.

Where do fish put their money? In a river bank. Get it?

What’s the best and worst heckle you’ve ever had?

I’ve probably encountered my best and worst heckle at the same time when I was performing at Reading Festival in 2010. A guy dropped his trousers, pointed to his testicles and shouted: “Mate, this is what you are”. I had to applaud him for having the balls to do that.

What was the last joke you heard which you wish you’d thought of?

I saw Imran Yusuf this year at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and he had this brilliant routine about charities.

Do you get nervous before going on stage?

Not so much anymore as I used to. I don’t put so much pressure on myself any more. I just go out and have fun.

Do you have any rituals to prepare you for your stage performance?

I wear odd socks and I can’t have anything in my pockets.

Do you write your own routines?


When did you discover you were funny?

At school I was able to do impressions of teachers. That would have people in stiches.

What’s been your worst gig?

In one of earliest gigs I was unfortunate enough to be heckled off stage by my own mother. I was five minutes in and the show wasn’t going well and my mum stood up in front of a room of 200 people and told me to come offstage.

What will you be doing at your gig at the Comedy Bunker?

I will be hosting a stand up show with some very special guests.

When was the last time you were starstruck?

I was opening for Lee Evans early this year for the warm up to his tour. I’ve grown up watching him so to perform alongside him has shown how far I’ve come. He’s really a nice guy, really humble after all he’s achieved.

Have you won any awards for your comedy?

I won FHM Stand Up Hero in 2009. It was a national competition so it’s a big deal. It was stepping stone that lead me onto TV and radio.

You’ve appeared on stage recently with your TV comedian friends Ava Vidal, Imran Yusuf, Toju, Seann Walsh – who's the biggest diva?

I’ve known all of these guys for a while and everyone’s got a bit of diva in them. I’d say the biggest diva has to be Ava Vidal. Check her facebook page and you’ll find out why. With posts like: “Who wants to drive me to Newcastle?” I couldn’t even find someone who’d drive me to New Cross.

  • Marlon Davis is at the Comedy Bunker, Mill Hill Golf Club, Barnet Way, Mill Hill, on Thursday, November 20 at 8.30pm. Details: comedybunker.co.uk