Rhys Darby / McCloud and Black
Edinburgh Preview Comedy
artsdepot@The Bull, High Street, Barnet
Saturday, July 19, 8pm

In the good old days, a man wasn't a man unless he could neck a bottle of whisky, perform 100 one-armed press-ups and make love to a beautiful woman — all within ten minutes.

He certainly wouldn't paint his nails, wear an Alice band or flap around delightedly at soft furnishings in the manner of David Beckham or Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

New Zealand comedian Rhys Darby knows this — and he's feeling the pressure of trying to live up to the legacy of those who have gone before him. The men he looks up to aren't just everyday Joes either.

They are: Sir Edmund Hillary (who climbed Everest), Jacques Cousteau (the legendary marine explorer), Buzz Aldrin (the second man on the moon), Peter Jackson (the director of Lord Of The Rings) and Steve Irwin (a crazy antipodean known as The Crocodile Hunter who enjoys handling life-threatening creatures).

His show, A Man of Our Times, will see him play all of these people and examine how he matches up to them.

"It's about what makes a man, what makes a great man and what brings true happiness," he said. "I'll be comparing myself to some of the most famous men in the 20th Century and see what it means to be a man in today's world.

"The show uses a lot of physical comedy, stories, stunts and sound effects. I do sound effects for just about everything that makes a sound — helicopters, cars, doors, gunshots, octopuses, mermaids, old people, wheelchairs..."

Rhys has already conquered his homeland, and has now set his comedy sights on our fair shores.

On the same bill are the attractive pairing of McCloud and Black. The female comedy duo have been described as the new French and Saunders for their witty, character-based sketches that use Hollywood film footage.

Tickets are £6 from the box office on 020 8449 0048.