Jongleurs - On The Road
Wyllyotts Centre
Darkes Lane, Potters Bar
May 13, 8pm

Comedy on the road does not necessarily mean a clown on a bicycle.

The Jongleurs Comedy Club has taken a selection of comedians around the country for the past few months under the banner Jongleurs On The Road, leaving a trail of spilt sides in their wake.

Tonight, Potters Bar has the chance to roar with merriment, or at the very least smirk knowingly, as the bumper bandwagon rolls into town.

The line-up is something close to spiritual for those people who are fans of Miles Crawford, Ian Stone, Andrew Maxwell or Simon Bligh, as they all feature. For those unacquainted with the laughter merchants, it will prove to be an eye-opening (and potentially eye-watering) experience.

Simon Bligh is a former teacher whose consummate delivery could even make the people at Parcel Force weep in jealous frustration.

Ian Stone's act will never sink like his surname with his intelligent, topical satire. And Andrew Maxwell may not be related to Robert but the laddish Irishman has the same entrepreneurial gusto when it comes to stand-up.

Miles Crawford completes the line-up as the host for this comic carousel. Tickets are £10 on the door, or through calling 01707 645005.