Comedy Cabaret
Downstairs at the King's Head
Crouch Hill, Crouch End
Saturday, September 10, 8pm

Half-Italian, half-British comedian Stefano Paolini is fresh from returning from Edinburgh with his show Britalian.

Unsurprisingly, the show was, in his words, highlighting the hilarious quirks and differences between the British and Italians', After three weeks of solid performing, going to bed at 6am and waking up at 11am, Paolini is finding it hard to keep his descriptions fresh.

But the show did get good reviews and if you did not get the opportunity to be at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival, you can see the best bits at the 18-year-old comedy venue in Crouch End.

Paolini, known for his accurate impressions ("If I do another Homer Simpson impression one more time, I'll kill myself") and his thrilling beat-box skills ("I used to do sound effects at the back of the classroom. Like the way Larvell Jones does in the Police Academy films"), appears in Bromwell High, the new comedy animation currently on Channel 4's Friday night line-up.

In it, he lends his voice to the cameo characters at the underfunded, overcrowded secondary school, where the action takes place. The third episode of the satirical animation is on tomorrow at 11.20pm. He says it was great fun making the show in March, but says it is weird as he has not actually had the chance to see it yet.

Despite his TV jobs, the 28-year-old Tulse Hill comedian is looking forward to coming back to the place where he first found work as a stand-up comic.

"Peter, the guy who runs it, gave me my first ever paid stand-up spot," he said. "I still have the £20 note he gave me framed.

"It was one of the first clubs which made me think I could actually take comedy up as a career, which I never thought was possible."

See Paolini alongside Dominic Frisby as compere, Pete Cain, Josie Long and Jay Sodagar. Admission is £8 (£6 concessions). Call the venue on 020 8340 1028 for more details.