Club Senseless
Downstairs at the King's Head Crouch End Hill, Crouch End
Friday, January 6, 8.30pm

Friday nights can prove a bit of conundrum: is it going to be comedy, music, the pub or just a curry in front of the box? Well, Club Senseless offers a solution to the problem, by combining three of those options.

Created 15 years ago by musician and comedian Ronnie Golden, best known for his double act with Barry Cryer, the night is a mixture of live soul music and comedy and you can get a drink too.

Golden says it is particularly appealing to adults of a certain age who are not interested in going clubbing at venues more suitable for teenagers.

"They would rather listen to music which they remember and love. They find it very comfortable," says Golden who provides the music with his band Ronnie and The Rex.

But don't be misled. Club Senseless is not all old couples dancing to covers of Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett (although these do feature).

After an hour or so of music from the band, a top comedian throws his or her talent into the mix.

Big names such as Bill Bailey, Eddie Izzard and Jimmy Carr have made appearances, and while tomorrow's star guest had not been confirmed at the time of writing, Golden is expecting a funnyman of similar calibre.

"Jimmy Carr does a good rendition of Rattlesnake by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, Omid Djalili is great on drums and Bill Bailey does stuff with the band," says Golden, who lives in nearby Tottenham.

"Combining music and comedy gives the night extra breadth.

"A lot of people don't know what they are going to get.

"We do strange combinations requested by the audience like Nelly the Elephant in the style of Tom Waits, or Leonard Cohen does the Laughing Policeman."

Golden, whose real name is Tony De Meur, also comperes the night and uses a gentle, self-deprecating humour.

He first became famous in the 1970s with his band The Fabulous Poodles.

The group's debut album sold well in the UK and in the US, but his short-lived career in pop was soon left to one side for comedy songs, which he first performed with the legendary Comedy Strip players, including Alexei Sayle and French and Saunders.

And he has never looked back, setting up a six-piece band, with which he performs on Radio 4 as well as at his beloved Crouch End venue.

"It's a monthly night but it's still a lot of work," he said.

"I do it as a labour of love. It's certainly not for the money."

Tickets to the gig are £9 (£7 concessions).

For more information and to find out who is playing, call the venue on 020 8340 1028.