Yosef had dreams in Canaan. Zuleikha had visions in Barbary. Yosef left his father with a bloody coat and Zuleikha with a torn robe.

Inspired by their faiths, Adele Moss and Jumana Moon are hosting a Jewish-Muslim special event entitled Woven Threads and Torn Fabric at a synagogue in Edgware to tell the origins of the story of Joseph, which we have best come to know through the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Adele and Jumana formed a storytelling partnership seven years ago. Both were intrigued by the overlap in religious stories and began to study the fables from sacred texts alongside traditional folk tales from the Jewish and Muslim communities.

To coincide with National Storytelling Week, which runs from January 30 to February 6, Adele and Jumana will be telling the popular tale of love, loss and longing.

Their version of the Joseph story will draw on both the biblical and quranic accounts as well as looking at the various traditional commentaries and including the poem by Jami - a 15th Century mystic and scholar.

Kol Nefresh Masorti Synagogue, Stream Lane, Edgware, February 6, 7pm. Details: admin@kolnefresh.org.uk