Have you got a Fabergé ferreted away in the loft? Or a Bacon buried in the basement? Or how about a Wedgwood at the back of the wardrobe? Then dig it out and head along to the RAF Museum in Hendon where the Flog It! team will be coming for a valuation day later this month.

The major BBC antiques show – which regularly draws in audiences of more than 2million viewers with its weekday afternoon slot – will be inviting members of the public along to the museum, with up to three antiques and collectibles they might be interested in selling.

Once valued, you and the team of TV experts will then decide whether the item should go forward for auction.

Everyone who goes along to the valuation day will receive a free valuation of their items so, even if your plastic 80s dining chair isn’t selected, you’ll still have a good day out and may even spot yourself on TV later in the year.

“The museum will be an incredible backdrop for the show,“ says presenter Paul Martin. “We did a show a couple of years ago at the Royal Naval Air Station in Yeovil and it looked fabulous on screen because we set up amongst all the aircraft and helicopters, and that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing when we come to Hendon. It will be great, surrounded by all that aviation history.“

The RAF Museum is situated on the historic site of Hendon’s London Aerodrome and is dedicated to the history of aviation and the Royal Air Force. Its collections include some very early aircraft designs through to the latest jets and military aircraft.

Paul will be talking about the site’s history in his usual segment of the show where he investigates local culture and history.

“I can’t wait to see the aircraft there, I’m fascinated by them,“ Paul continues. “I made them all in Airfix as a school boy and now my son Dylan is doing them, so it’s great.”

What tips does Paul have for north Londoners who might be interested in coming along to the valuation day with their treasure?

“Provenance is really important,“ says the 56-year-old, who started out in the antiques business with a stall on the Portobello Road at the age of 25 and has, over the years, established himself as a furniture expert, taking on the role of Flog It! presenter in 2002.

“If you’ve got receipts, documentation, things like that, bring them. And if your item belonged to a stately home or a famous person it’ll be worth an awful lot more money, so try and do your homework.

“What’s really on trend at the moment is natural history – fossils, sea shells, stuffed animals, skeletons, skulls,“ Paul continues.

“And also 20th Century modern art, I always keep a look out for all those early World War One artists like Paul Nash, Christopher Nevinson and Augustus John.

“I love that look, angular and typical 1920s. The fine art side of things, that’s where you can find a few big surprises. And, of course, I’m still looking out for that elusive Turner!“

Does Paul have any predictions for upcoming trends?

“I’ll tell you what’s going to be really, really big – anything by Eric Ravilious, prints, artwork, photography, anything connected to that man. He’s going to be red hot.“

  • Flog It! will be at the RAF Museum, Grahame Park Way, Hendon on Thursday, January 29 between 10am and 4.30pm. The items selected at the valuation day will go under the hammer at Chiswick Auctions, Colville Road, Chiswick on Tuesday, February 17. Details: bbc.co.uk/flogit, rafmuseum.org.uk