With new cafes, restaurants and coffee houses popping up on every corner these days, it can be hard to decide on a spot to give your loyalties to. And when it comes to brunch, it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff when looking at menus in windows.

But for the Mill and Brew in The Broadway, Mill Hill, an independent cafe and restaurant, it strives to be different and better than the average spot. The friendly staff, cosy and quirky interiors and robust menu sets it above the standard fare.

On entering the restaurant myself and friend were shown to a high table near the front. All the tables and chairs are different.

There are high, wooden tables with stools; low, round, metal tables which almost look like outdoor furniture, and benches in the windows for the solo coffee-drinkers. Despite the difference in each, there is a cohesive style which joins everything together - a sort of shabby chic or upmarket rustic vibe seems to be the aim.

Times Series: The Full English breakfast at the Mill and BrewThe Full English breakfast at the Mill and Brew

My friend helped himself to a flat white while I opted for good old English breakfast tea, which was delivered in a beautifully decorated teapot with enough for at least three cups.

We ordered from the brunch menu. Often with brunch it can be difficult to “wow” with anything particularly stand-out - there’s always avocado, Full English, a fruity option for those mindful of the waistline. We followed suit and ordered avocado on toast with a poached egg, and The Full English with all the trimmings and more.

The avocado had a little twist with the inclusion of chilli and lime, while The Full English had homemade baked beans, a sort-of potato rosti (it was almost an entire potato - though I wasn’t complaining) and a bit of greenery added to the usually sausage, bacon, egg, toast, tomato and mushroom.

The menu also boasted vegetarian options such as a Veggie Full English, which would have tempted me had my carnivorous urges not taken over and lunch options for those needing a lie-in on the weekend.

Times Series: Avocado on toast with chilli and lime, and a poached eggAvocado on toast with chilli and lime, and a poached egg

These included burgers, meatballs, and some of the brunch items which carry over, along with salads and sandwiches. Also on offer was an array of pastries and cakes, which, had I not engorged myself so heartily on my Full English, I would have picked up to go.

The food looked delicious on arrival - especially The Full English as it arrived in an almost trough - and everything smelt and tasted delicious. The Full English had everything you needed but not in excess - it was a question of variety and quality over ridiculous quantity - though I must say my trough was rather overflowing and I did borrow my tea saucer as a make-shift bread plate.

The avocado on toast had a nice zing and zest compared to the usual fare, and the eggs was runny and unctuous.

All in all the brunch was lovely, heightened by the warm, friendly atmosphere created by the decor and the staff, who were more than willing to help and make sure everyone felt welcome.

So next time you’re trawling the seemingly never-ending parade of cafes for a light lunch, brunch, or breakfast Mill and Brew is definitely one which stands out and is worth a stop.