Peoplehave jokingly warned of this for years – how long will it take for someone to come up with a reality TV show about people watching reality TV shows?

Well it’s happened, and Channel 4’s Gogglebox proved so popular when it first aired earlier this year that it’s now back for a second series – and Edgware family the Tappers are back on our screens.

Mum and dad Nikki and Jonathan, son Josh, 16, and daughter Amy, 13, are among a number of households who are filmed watching and commenting on some of the biggest programmes on TV in a week, and their instant reactions, love/hate relationships and fierce debates are captured.

“Everyone in our house is obsessed with the telly,” laughs Nikki, a nursery teacher. “The production people came to our house to meet us and the kids and told us what the programme would be about and it seemed like it would be really good fun. It’s still quite strange seeing ourselves on telly!”

Nikki says that Josh and Amy, both pupils at Yavneh College in Borehamwood, ‘went nuts’ when they first saw themselves on TV in the first series. “We were all so excited, but it’s weird, you don’t feel like you’re watching proper telly.”

The Tappers enjoy sitting down together to watch ‘silly things’ such as Celebrity Juice, A League of Their Own, X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing, while husband Jonathan, an executive driver, is ‘obsessed with’ Corrie and Nikki with Downton Abbey.

“There’s lots of arguing,” admits Nikki. “Josh likes all the property make-over shows and you know what Amy likes? Geordie Shore, that absolute rubbish!”

  • Gogglebox is on Channel 4 on Wednesdays at 10pm.