Creating a television programme about a television programme is an unusual concept, but one which piqued the interest of Barnet-born writer Simon Block.

The Eichmann Show, starring Martin Freeman and Anthony LaPaglia, tells the true story of how the trial of one of the Second World War’s most notorious Nazis – Adolf Eichmann, was broadcast to the world from Israel.

“I have worked in TV for quite a while now and the producer Laurence made the argument to me that this was the most important TV programme in history as far as what the people who made the programme were trying to do,“ says Simon, 48.

Eichmann, who in 1960 was captured in Argentina, stood trial accused of executing the Final Solution.

During the trial, the ghastly truth behind Nazi concentration camps was heard directly from the victims. In the first broadcast of its kind, the trial was televised to a global audience thanks to ground-breaking producer Milton Fruchtman, played by Martin, and directed by Leo Hurwitz, played by Anthony.

“You have to bear in mind it was fresh but it wasn’t talked about,“ explains dad-of-two Simon.

“The detail wasn’t talked about and this is why Israel wanted to hold the trial. There was a lot of disbelief about the stories that survivors told.

“The government wanted to break that, and one of the reasons for staging the trial was that everyone in Israel and the wider world would hear the stories from the survivors.“

First screened on BBC2 in January, The Eichmann Show will be shown at East Finchley’s Phoenix Cinema in aid of the Holocaust Educational Trust.

At the end of the film, Martin will be available, alongside producer Laurence Bowen and Simon for a Q&A session.

“Organisations such as the Holocaust Educational Trust remind people about what happened. It is very important to remind people that it happened so it doesn’t happen again. That is a message that can’t be said enough,“ says Simon, who lives in New Barnet.

Phoenix Cinema, High Road, East Finchley, Sunday, April 12, 11am. Details: