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Village Health opened on the 11th January this year in Station Road, North Chingford. The new owners used to work at Chingford's last well known Health Shop as the Nutritionist and Allergy Tester and decided to re-open a new business after the old store closed both it's shops in October 2009. Village Health has seen sales rise steadily and are delighted to welcome back the old regular customers as well as many new ones. Allergy Testing and Nutritonal advice are offered, together with gluten free and organic baby foods, vitamins, herbs, aromatherapy oils, flower remedies and sports supplements. Many speicalist items can usually be ordered at a competitive price.

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Allergy Testing and Nutrition

ALLERGY TESTING by Catherine Hamilton at Village Health Tel: 07971 266 617

  • Food Allergies / Sensitivities.
  • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies.
  • Food Additives / Colourings (E numbers).
  • Animal Hairs and Fur.
  • Fabrics and Pollens.
  • Dust, Moulds and Bacteria.
  • Over 170 test samples used.
  • Includes allergens, vitamins and minerals, plus an additional test sample for Candida Albicans.

The test does not involve the taking of blood or the use of needles. Test results are immediate. They are not intended to diagnose medical conditions or offer treatment.

FULL TEST All allergens plus vitamin and mineral deficiency test £50.00 One hour

ALLERGY TEST ONLY All allergens excluding vitamins and minerals £40.00 One hour

Village Health
Vitamins, Herbs, Oils, Sports
36 Station Road
North Chingford
London E4
Telephone: 020 8524 5006