He was runner-up on X Factor in 2006, had a platinum-selling debut album in 2007, won Dancing on Ice in 2009 and the all-star final in 2014, has starred in musicals in the West End, and was on our screens again in January, winning Get Your Act Together.

Rosy Moorhead catches up with former Brookside actor Ray Quinn, 26, ahead of his gig at the Wyllyotts Theatre and learns about his new album and autobiography.

Tell me about the new album, Dare to Dream.

It’s a new sound for me. I’ve gone for a real funky, soul, Motown sound that’s a bit more contemporary, but still staying cool like the swing that I’m known for. I’m exploring my musical tastes and putting a bit more passion into the songs. It’s going to move people, and I want to make music that they’ll still be playing 20 or 30 years down the line on Radio 2.

You’ve been a lot more involved in the production of this album, haven’t you?

Yes, this time it’s my own record label. I was dropped by my record label in 2007, so I want to be happy with everything on this one. And 80 per cent of the album’s going to be brand new material – we’ve put together a fantastic team of writers and producers who are helping me produce it. I’m in control of the album – what goes into the artwork, the A&R, producing the songs, writing them. I’m learning the craft of being an artist – I’m reinventing myself.

You were on Brookside from the age of eight to 12 and then various other TV shows – what made you apply to be on X Factor?

I started dancing lessons when I was three and it all spiralled from there – singing, dancing, acting, I was intrigued by all aspects of entertainment. I was in stage school, drama school and college after school – I’ve been doing this my whole life.

How do you look back at your time on X Factor now?

It seems a bit surreal. I was such a baby, I was only 19. I respect the platform it gave me, and the opportunities it’s given me, but it took some getting used to. I got used to a certain way of life, which wasn’t necessarily good for me.

And you’ve got an autobiography coming out next month, as well, This Time Round, due out in March. Aren’t you a bit young, at 26?

It’s the story so far! I started in this business at the age of three and got my first job when I was eight, so a lot has happened – and a lot more is about to happen.

Wyllyotts Theatre, Wyllyotts Place, Darkes Lane, Potters Bar on Friday, March 13 at 8pm. Details: 01707 645005, wyllyottstheatre.co.uk. This Time Round is out in March and Dare to Dream is out in April. Details: rayquinn.co.uk