A female fronted London band band will play at a Women in Music Event next week.

Anteros are a London indie pop four-piece fronted by Laura Hayden with Joshua Rumble on bass, Jackson Couzens playing lead guitar and Harry Balazs on drums, drawing influence from the likes of Blondie, old school No Doubt, The Cure, The Cardigans and Blur.

Their performance at The Finsbury Pub in Green Lanes, Manor House, sits in the middle of their tour in support of punk band White Lies.

As well as this, Anteros spent the last two months performing with Irish indie rockers Two Door Cinema Club, and will tour with fellow up and comers, Blaenavon, in the coming months.

Throughout 2016 performed throughout the UK and release their debut singles, Breakfast and The Beat. The band were invited to open the prestigious Other Stage at Glastonbury this summer, with other notable festival appearances including Reading and Leeds and Secret Garden Party.

Their headline show at London’s Waiting Room in September completely sold out. The same month they release their EP, also titled Breakfast.

The record documents the band’s journey from their first ever writing session, which birthed the anthemic Anteros, an ode to London life and the song that gave them their name.

After beginning the year with such a busy tour schedule the band will headline The Secret Garden Party Festival during the summer.

We spoke to Laura to find out more about them…

How did you all meet?

Josh and I met through friends and started writing five-years-ago. We didn’t know what kind of project we were writing towards until we wrote Anteros. Harry joined us in Summer 2015. We met Jackson last summer on tour- when he was teching for Blossoms- and joined us last November.

What is it like being a female frontwoman?

Well I’ve never been a frontman, so I wouldn’t know the difference.

Do you think the industry is harder for women – how does this change for bands?

I feel like the reason it might seem harder is because there are notably fewer women in the industry... but that is changing. Women are becoming less scared of just going for it, and that’s exciting. Some guys are encouraging and embracing it, others are having problems adjusting. It’s happening nonetheless, and there’s not much anyone can do about it but accept it eventually. At the end of the day we’re all in this together, and its way more fun if women and men join forces.

What inspires you?

Friends, fear, love, loss... it’s hard to think of anything that doesn’t stand a chance of inspiring us at some point.

Describe your sound

Bitter dream pop.

What were your highlights of 2016?

Opening the Other Stage at Glastonbury, our first London headline (sold out), Reading & Leeds, the release of our first EP, Breakfast. Jackson joining to complete the full line-up.

What is planned for 2017?

Our DRUNK EP release on April 14.

The Finsbury Pub, 336 Green Lanes, N4 1BY, March 25. Details: 020 8809 1142