The bright blue exterior certainly catches your eye and inside the bar is on show, but you cannot see a table and so I was unsure of what to expect.

After entering the Crouch End branch of Tootoomoo – there are three others in Islington, Highgate and Whetstone – my partner and I were led down a thin corridor into the back where a beautifully designed restaurant sits.

Designs and block colours adorn both the tables and walls until they almost merge into one, creating a jungle of furniture.

Groups of friends are sat around eating and laughing and, despite there being only two of us, we were lucky enough to be given our own booth.

Tootoomoo refers to itself as Pan-Asian Tapas restaurant, with which combines Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese influences offered in small plates.

We begin by wetting our appetite with their distinctive cocktail offering, ordering a pineapple ginger mojito and a strawberry and mint spritzer with sake.

Each were delicious without the overpowering flavour of liquor, giving a delicious twist on their classic concoctions.

The tasting menu offers deals of £30 for three and of £50 for five from sections which include starters, sushi, shashimi, tempura and wok curries.

This is what we chose: BBQ pork ribs, vegetarian popstickers, popcorn rock shrimp, chicken gyoza, grilled salmon, Thai green curry and brown rice.

Everything at Tootoomoo is fresh and handmade on site. I cannot tell you how delicious each dish was but, of course, I will try.

The BBQ ribs were soft and dripping in the perfect amount of sauce; the vegetarian popstickers, similar to gyozo dumplings, were the perfect vegetarian alternative; and the popcorn shrimp came with a citrus yuzu mayo that had a beautiful, delicate flavour perfectly accompanying the shrimp.

Thai green curry is something I have had many times and something I have cooked myself many times but, undoubtedly, this was the best I’ve had. It was fresh and each combined flavour stood out while staying soft on the palette. The brown rice, a rare restaurant offering which was recommended to us, added incredible depth to each mouthful.

The chicken gyoza were nice, but here I must admit they were no better or worse than those I’ve had from a Chinese takeaway, so in comparison to the wonderful flavours of the other dishes I was a little disappointed.

The pièce de résistance of all six dishes was the grilled salmon.

The smell hit me immediately as I clumsily procured a portion with my chopsticks and, I have to admit, I exclaimed in wonder of the flavours before they had even landed on my tongue.

It was one of the nicest things I have ever eaten.

The yuzu posset, a panna cotta with lemon and rhubarb compote had caught my eye while the pistachio crème brûlée caught that of my partner.

Much to our dismay, we were too full to have dessert and so we sat undisturbed by the attentive staff so that we could enjoy the surroundings while finishing off our bottle of white wine, a Pinot Grigio recommended to accompany the meal – although there are only two to choose from.

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