Most teenagers dream of being in a film that will be in the cinemas up and down the country and for one boy, this dream has come true.

Harry Speirs from Chorleywood will be starring in a short film about Stagecoach Performing Arts that focuses on creative confidence. The 13-year-old, who attends the Chorleywood and Rickmansworth branch of the school is representing the brand and fought off thousands in the audition process with a powerful Shakespeare monologue to win the part.

We had a chat with Harry to find out how he felt about his first on screen debut.

Tell me about the film?

My role was to represent drama for Stagecoach. There were also two girls to represent singing and acting. I have thoroughly enjoyed Stagecoach over the years so I thought it was time to give something back.

How long did it take and was it difficult to learn lines?

I had to send in an audition video. After a selection process, I went to London to audition in person and then spent a day in the studios, and also did a short film at home. I already had previous experience in acting Shakespeare and knew the lines.

Why did you choose to audition for this role?

This is the first time I have done anything like this. I've enjoyed Stagecoach throughout the years and the audition request mentioned that a Shakespeare monologue would be a good thing to do for the audition.

How nerve-wracking was the audition process, etc?

I find it more nerve-wracking when I perform on stage rather than before a camera. l prefer performing on stage as I find it more real. However I thoroughly enjoyed the day of filming, the crew tried to make all of us feel as comfortable as possible, and I would love to do it again.

What do you enjoy about acting?

I enjoy being on stage and I feel very confident. I find it easy to memorise lines.

What subjects do you enjoy the most:

History, art and music

What do you want to do when I get older?

I like too many things to know at the moment.

The Stagecoach film will be in Vue cinemas across the country including Watford until the end of September.