Park Theatre is a key location to discover new productions, where up-and-coming actors, directors and writers will often be found working alongside veterans in the business.

A recent production, Dead Sheep, will tour the UK from September 5 until November 28 this year after a record-breaking run at the theatre in Finsbury Park.

Directed by Ian Talbot OBE it portrays the true story of how Margaret Thatcher was brought down by her one time friend and political soul mate Geoffrey Howe.

Using imagined dialogue to portray private scenes between the main protagonists, it recreates the events leading up to Howe’s famous 1990 speech, in which he criticised Thatcher for undermining policies on economic and monetary union in Europe, ultimately leading to her downfall and resignation.

Dead Sheep is the result of two years’ research, during which the playwright Jonathan Maitland spoke to Geoffrey Howe himself and other prominent politicians and advisers of the era.

It is writer and broadcaster Jonathan’s debut play, he says: "The themes of Dead Sheep are, uncannily, as relevant now as they were 26 years ago: a Government bitterly split over Europe, old friends at loggerheads, careers on the line and our country's future at stake. I'm delighted - it's a perfect recipe for drama and comedy."

If you missed the production while it was in London, Park Theatre has a selection of high calibre productions coming up, including The American Wife, until October 1, in which American writers Stephen Fife and Ralph Pezzullo present the world premiere of The American Wife, about a woman trying to clear her husband’s name when he’s accused of acts of terrorism.

This Little Life of Mine, October 4 to 29, a bitingly funny and deeply touching tour of modern London life with Izzy and Jonesy. With exciting jobs, great friends and even a tiny overpriced flat in Zone 2 – they’ve got it all. Or do they? Maybe having a baby is the one last thing that would make everything perfect.

As well as Deny, Deny, Deny, from November 2 until December 3. It is 2026 and Eve, a promising young athlete, is offered a cutting edge new 'therapy' by her mysterious, charismatic coach.

Park Theatre, Clifton Terrace, Finsbury Park, N4 3JP, from Monday, September 5. Details: 020 7870 6876