Think you can guess Whodunnit? Ruislip Dramatic Society invite you to try with their latest comedy thriller, with performances at the Compass Theatre on Wednesday, May 15, to Saturday, May 18.

For their next production, RDS invite you to join them for a wonderfully mysterious comedy thriller. The group will be performing Whodunnit, a murder mystery with a difference guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seats and penned by Anthony Shaffer, the mastermind behind Sleuth.

Six guests and a butler have been invited to a black-tie dinner in a wealthy lawyer’s mansion by a conveniently missing hostess. Her husband, Silas Bazeby, is at home but has never met any of them before. One of the guests quickly distinguishes himself as a blackmailer putting murder on the menu from the start, but whodunnit?

Filled with larger-than-life Agatha Christie characters, twists and red herrings, this comedy thriller will keep you guessing and laughing till the very end. There’s a rear admiral with a booming voice, an eccentric archaeologist, a dashing young cad and a slightly dotty aristocrat among many other wonderful Christie stereotypes.

In addition to the hugely successful Sleuth, Shaffer also wrote the screenplays for Hitchcock’s Frenzy and Death on the Nile. Whodunnit was a huge success on Broadway winning a Tony award and has since been performed worldwide.

Compass Theatre, Glebe Avenue, Ickenham, UB10 8RP, Wednesday, May 15, to Saturday, May 18. Details: 01895 250615