There is decadence in every detail, subtle hints of luxury such as slippers that feel like pillows beneath your feet and the spectacular 3D Sri Lankan paintings adorning the walls.

These sit alongside more obvious features such as the Jacuzzi centre piece of my room and the infinity pool surrounded by sun beds overlooking the hills of Kandy.

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It sits high along the slopes of the Hantana range, away from the bustling city of Kandy below. Of course there is plenty to see and do in town, to take you away from the hotel, but if you stay here it is worth adding a day to your itinerary to do exactly that, stay there.

The pool and sun loungers are accompanied by a steam room and sauna and, underneath the hotel, you will find a well-stocked entertainment room.

There is a pool table, dart board, a selection of books and a huge variety of DVDs to watch on the big TV, as well as many board games to choose from.

You don’t even need to leave to eat, the restaurant is incredible – although a little pricier than you will find in the city centre.

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Breakfast comprises of things I would expect to see in some of London’s trendier spots like a breakfast burrito, quesadilla, baked eggs, and a hearty but healthy egg white omelette. All breakfasts are served with Sri Lankan tea or coffee, pastries, bread and homemade jams.

They then have a lunch menu, either of which you can usually have rather than sticking to each at the relevant time. The offering is endless, traditional Sri Lankan curries as well as Indian and Thai, with Chinese food and Mexican meals.

They have salads and soups, along with more hearty meals such as steaks, pork fillets, prawns, duck breast and various chicken and fish dishes. Whatever you fancy, they’ll probably have it. They even had spaghetti carbonara!

All the dishes are very filling, so I would recommend taking it slow if you fancy a dessert, and you probably will.

They have fruit rum pancakes which the chef will personally present you with, on fire! There is avocado ice cream, rhubarb and pear crumble, cheesecake and other such staple desserts.

Mains range between 1,000 (£5 and 2,500 (£12), so if you add drink and desserts you will end up paying prices you are used to at home unless you choose carefully. However, it is very worth it. If you have been travelling for a while and are starting to crave home foods, then you’ll be in heaven so I would definitely treat yourself to a night here with dinner.

If you aren’t travelling on a budget, then you won’t find a nicer place to stay or eat.

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