More and more people are choosing a UK staycation over international trips.

A UK staycation provides a refreshing alternative to overseas holidays. Explore the British Isles and you’ll discover stunning countryside and historical cities right on your doorstep—the Borough of Barnet is well connected to many of the most beautiful parts of the UK.

Here are just some of the reasons why so many British travellers are opting to stay in the UK this summer, and some ideas for must-visit locations.

No visas or entry documents required

One advantage of a UK staycation is that you don’t need any travel documents like a passport or visa. There's no need to worry about your passport being up to date, or about keeping it safe during your trip.

What’s more, international travel often requires additional paperwork such as a visa. Visa application forms can be complex and time-consuming, you might even need to attend an interview or provide biometric data. Visas can be quite expensive too, adding to your travel costs.

Times Series: Stratford-upon-AvonStratford-upon-Avon (Image: Getty images)

Although you don’t need a visa for Europe, you do need to check that your passport meets the validity requirements. In addition, starting in 2024, you’ll need to register with ETIAS to travel to European destinations.

Choosing to spend your holiday in the UK allows you to enjoy your time off without the added complications associated with international travel.

Save money and time

Times Series: Palace Pier, BrightonPalace Pier, Brighton (Image: Getty images)

The cost of living crisis means that budget is a top priority for many holidaymakers. In fact, demand for UK staycations is increasing, with one of the reasons being that it’s more affordable. If you want to travel without breaking the bank, staying local could be a great option.

International trips often come with hefty price tags due to airfare, visas, insurance, and other travel-related expenses. Stay closer to home and you can keep tighter control over how much you spend.

Also, the UK offers many opportunities for free fun. Coastal towns such as Brighton (around 1 hour 15 minutes by train from St Pancras International) or Whitby in North Yorkshire boast fantastic beaches for a low-cost day outdoors.

There are also lots of free or inexpensive family-friendly activities taking place across the country—do your research and you can keep costs down without missing out on the fun.

More time to enjoy your holiday

Times Series: Snowdonia National ParkSnowdonia National Park (Image: Getty images)

Without the need to cross time zones or recover from jet lag, staycations free up more time for actual holiday activities.

Being so well connected to London Kings Cross here in Hendon and Barnet, you can reach most places in the UK within a few hours even by public transport, allowing you to maximise your vacation time.

Enjoy everything the UK has to offer

The UK has an impressive array of historic landmarks. From the ancient walls of York (just 2 hours by train from Kings Cross) and the regal splendour of Edinburgh Castle to the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Bath and the Tower of London, we’re spoiled for choice.

What’s more, each part of the UK offers its own cultural experiences. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island have unique traditions. Make sure you check out the local festivals wherever you are visiting!

Natural beauty and outdoor activities

Times Series: Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland (Image: Getty)

The UK is home to an array of stunning landscapes. Head north to discover the beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Another highlight for nature enthusiasts is the peaceful Lake District. In both locations, you can enjoy outdoor activities including hiking, cycling, and wildlife spotting.

In fact, you don’t even need to go far at all to enjoy the best of the British countryside. Country walks in Hertfordshire are scenic and peaceful.

Choose to travel sustainably

Going on holiday in the UK can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Shorter journeys, particularly by train or coach, emit less CO2 than long-haul flights. This makes staycations a great option if you’re environmentally conscious and want to travel more sustainably.

Eight places to visit for a UK staycation

If you’ve decided to stay in the UK for your next holiday, here are some of the best places to visit.

London: We’re lucky to have London right on our doorstep. It goes without saying that the capital city offers a wealth of attractions for visitors of all ages. The Tower of London and the British Museum are 2 favourites. Don't forget the world-renowned shopping and dining experiences.

Edinburgh: Scotland's capital is brimming with history and culture. No trip here would be complete without visiting Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile. Time your trip right and you can also enjoy the annual Fringe Festival.

Cornwall: This coastal county is known for its picturesque harbours, sandy beaches, and the Eden Project. It's a perfect destination for both relaxation and outdoor activities.

York: A city with a rich heritage dating back to Roman times, York offers attractions like the York Minster, the Shambles, and the National Railway Museum.

Times Series: Historical YorkHistorical York (Image: Getty Images)

Bath: Famous for its Roman-built baths, this city is also home to the stunning Bath Abbey and the Royal Crescent, a fine example of Georgian architecture.

Stratford-upon-Avon: The birthplace of William Shakespeare, this quaint town offers a unique mix of history and culture, with attractions like the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and Anne Hathaway’s Cottage.

Snowdonia National Park: With its impressive peaks, an extensive network of trails, and rich biodiversity, this Welsh wonderland is perfect for hikers and climbers.

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland: A UNESCO World Heritage site, this unique geological formation is a remarkable sight, steeped in both natural beauty and mythology.