More than 200 people turned out this evening to see the premiere of a new film about Barnet life.

Barnet – The Billion Pound Gamble, directed by Charles Honderick and produced by Roger Tichbourne, was screened at the Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley.

During the film, which is a scathing documentary criticising Barnet Borough Council’s programme of outsourcing, people from all walks of life are interviewed about their experiences.

The interviewees, who include leader of the council, Richard Cornelius, café owner, Helen Michael, and blogger, Theresa Musgrove, talk about topics including the closure of Friern Barnet Library and the One Barnet Programme.

Following the film there was a debate about outsourcing involving audience members and a panel made up of bloggers including Theresa Musgrove, also known as Mrs Angry, and John Dix, also known as Mr Reasonable.

Audience member, Phil Fletcher, said: “I think it is great that this film exists. It is good they are doing it.

“The film is necessary to expose what it going on. “Hopefully it will now be shown widely on the internet and in other places.

”John Burges from UNISON said: “I think you have to applaud the film makers for at least trying to challenge the council’s plan. “I think it is fantastic. It has created a discussion.”