Hundreds of rush hour commuters were left “packed like sardines” on Tube platforms in East Finchley this morning.

More than 1,000 people trying to get to work and school were left stranded at the Northern Line station after a train broke down further along the line.

Safety fears were raised after several passengers reported “utter chaos” on congested platforms and many took to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Raymond Simonson tweeted: “Avoid E.Finchley station. It's utter chaos right now. Huge queues going back into car park. Massive overcrowding on platforms etc.”

Jayne Bibby wrote: “Not a great start to the day - Must be at least 1000 people stuck at East Finchley tube!! #tfl #sortitout #busforone.”

Some passengers who boarded trains further up the line reported being kicked off at East Finchley, adding to the numbers on the overcrowded platforms.

Transport for London (TfL) blamed a faulty train at Finchley Central for the delays, which it says were minor.

Trains were left at a standstill, forcing many passengers to find alternative bus routes, while some avoided travelling all together.

Louise tweeted: “I've never seen East Finchley station so rammed! Gone for coffee, coffee shops doing well out of it!!”

Jessie Schlagman added: "I hate London Transport! 45 minutes to get from Finchley Central to East Finchley and now I'm on a bus #long."

The Northern Line is currently operating with minor delays but some passengers are still complaining of stationary trains.

John Cox tweeted moments ago: “I love a good stationary tube. Only plus being we stopped in East Finchley #verdant.”