Armed with a guitar and plenty of gusto traders sang the praises of their high street in a musical march.

Waving pink paper hearts the group made their along the High Road in North Finchley stopping outside shops to sing a little ditty in honour of their fellow shopkeepers on Saturday.

Helen Michael, owner of Cafe Buzz, said: “We wanted it to be a real celebration of the high street and to say thank you to the good work the traders do in providing a fabulous service.

“The high street is dissolving and if we’re not careful it’s going to die so this was a good way to encourage people to appreciate it, and use it.”

The traders were also joined by members of Barnet Alliance for Public Services, who campaign for quality public services in Barnet, and passers-by who decided to join in the fun.

Ms Michael said: “By the time we got to the second shop we’d really picked up the momentum.

"We had a big crowd behind us and lots of positive things to shout about – including the funding from the Mayor’s Outer London fund.”

A pot of £1.1million was allocated to North Finchley from the Mayor's fund as well as just under £400,000 from Barnet Borough Council. People living and working in the borough have the chance to say how this money should be spent on improving the area.

Ms Michael hopes the musical march will be used across Barnet's high streets to encourage customers to shop locally.