With a flick of their little legs, these cuddly newborns are a signal that spring is on its way.

The lambs were delivered last Tuesday at Belmont Children’s Farm, in The Ridgeway, Mill Hill, in front of delighted staff.

And they were not the only new arrivals as they were followed by the birth of two baby goats, known as kids, on Sunday.

The playful animals appear to have brought some milder weather with them as the freezing temperatures subsided this week and farm manager Lucy Surridge believes the seasonal births could signal the end of winter.

She said: “Everyone is loving having them here – they’re very cute. It’s been a long, cold winter and it finally feels like spring is coming with these new lives on the farm.”

The lambs are being hand-fed by Belmont’s young farmers – a group of children who attend a farming club every Tuesday – and are beginning to bond well with their mother, Flossie the sheep.

Their birth is all the more special for staff as Flossie was hand reared at the farm last year after being rejected by her own mother.

A competition is being held to name the newborn lambs and children can drop their suggestions into a box at the farm. A winner will be picked at random in a few weeks time.