A mother who believes 'big oaks from little acorns grow' wants to make Colindale and Burnt Oak a more welcoming place for families.

Cherry James moved to Braemer Gardens, Colindale, nine months ago with her five-year-old son Jaden and her husband Lincoln.

Despite loving her new home, she thinks the area could be rejuvenated with the help of a ready and willing residents group.

Mrs James said: “I believe big oaks from little acorns grow – the sky’s the limit if people make the effort to come together.

“I want the group to be open to any issues or ideas people think affect the community. If people bring their ideas and solutions together we can make the place we live, a place we love.”

One issue Mrs James wants to tackle is the lack of play areas for young children.

She said: “Children like to socialise and go to parks and although there’s a lot of green open space in Colindale there is very little for children to do.

“We have three parks within walking distance but they’re not family friendly and they don’t have play areas, so I have to take my son to Sunny Hill Park in Hendon or another park in Mill Hill.

“I’d like to see more facilities for kids like swings, slides and climbing frames. It’s important for children to be active.”

If enough volunteers come forward Mrs James would like to set up the association by April and have meetings once a month. Anyone who would like to get involved can email Mrs James on addyourvoice2@gmail.com