Schoolchildren have learned to weave prayer mats and visited a mosque as part of an educational faith project.

Pupils at Sacred Heart Primary School visited Ayesha Community School in Montagu Road, Hendon, to take part in the Three Faiths Forum which encourages young people of different religions to socialise and work together.

As part of the programme, Year Five pupils from both schools were taught the different types of food mentioned in the Holy Quran such as honey, dates and figs, and also had the chance to try their hand at calligraphy, Islamic patterns and singing Islamic songs.

The children also visited Hendon Mosque to learn about the features of a mosque and how to weave a prayer mat.

Nine year old James Fitzgerald said: “I enjoyed the games we played and I enjoyed learning about a different religion.”

Ayesha Community School headteacher Atiya Saithna said: “It was an inspirational and uplifting day for both schools, in whcih children had the opportunity to understand and share their own faiths and beliefs.”

Pupils from Ayesha Community School will visit Sacred Heart in the coming weeks as part of the Three Faiths Forum project.