A judicial review into Barnet Council’s controversial outsourcing scheme has already cost the taxpayer at least half a million pounds.

Combined legal costs for Barnet Council and the applicant Maria Nash, who is receiving legal aid, have exceeded more than £500,000 before the verdict is even delivered after Easter.

Disabled campaigner Ms Nash took the authority to the high court on the grounds it failed to properly consult residents on its decision to outsource millions of pounds worth of public services.

The council is looking to move several of its core functions to the private sector under the One Barnet scheme in a move it says will save £120million over 10 years.

A three-day hearing took place at the Royal Courts of Justice last week but Judge Nicholas Underhill said he would not be delivering a ruling on the case until after Easter.

Barnet Council said it could not give specific details on its legal bill until after the final decision but confirmed that the combined costs so far exceeded half a million pounds.

Former holistic therapist Ms Nash, 67, has already announced her intention to appeal if the verdict does not go her way.

Ms Nash said: “Residents’ money is being wasted because Barnet Council did not fulfil its duty to consult.

“I don’t think this is my doing. I have highlighted my belief that the council has acted illegally and shown the fears of the community and the problems that privatisation brings.

“I feel I need to push forward with this. It is not just the people of Barnet who will be affected – this will have a national impact if I lose.”