Developers claim they are “committed” to the controversial Brent Cross Cricklewood redevelopment - despite campaigners’ concerns that part of the scheme will be scrapped.

The £4.5 billion plans include doubling the size of Brent Cross Shopping Centre and a large-scale regeneration of Cricklewood, including new office blocks and houses.

Development partners Hammerson and Standard Life say they will carry out all of the work alongside Barnet Borough Council, although a new partner will be drafted in to help out.

But protest group Brent Cross Coalition says an additional partner was not part of the plan, claiming the current developers are only concerned with developing the shopping centre.

David Howard, a member of the group, told the Times Series: “This was never the plan and if it was then we’ve been deceived.

“Now it looks like the plans are going to be broken up between lots of different developers. This is a piecemeal approach which is very worrying. There will be no cohesion and inevitably it will lead to mix-up and mess.

“We’re not against regeneration – the area is ripe for regeneration. But these proposals will have a negative impact across the whole borough, not just Brent Cross and Cricklewood.

“It’s going to cause adverse effects for existing shops, cause gridlock on the roads and make life a misery for residents living in the area. There will be no benefit other than to the developers – the community is not going to gain anything form this.

“We’ve said all along this is about doubling the size of the shopping centre, and all the rest is window dressing.”

Brent Cross Coalition member, Brent Councillor Alison Hopkins, added: “Now they’re looking for a new partner I think the scheme is in trouble - it's dead in the water. 

"The plans have only ever been about doubling the size of the shopping centre, full stop.”

But developers say they are determined to complete all the proposed plans. 

Mike McGuinness, development director for Brent Cross Cricklewood Development Partners, said: "We remain committed to the delivery of this vital regeneration project and we are actively working with Barnet Council to secure improvements to the current plans, which we will bring forward for public consultation this summer. 

“We have always been clear that we would bring on board other partners to help build out such a large scale project and this remains the case and any such appointment will be a joint process with Barnet Council."

Council leader Councillor Richard Cornelius added: “The scheme is all about improving the shopping centre and regenerating the other side of the north circular. We need practical ways of doing this and the whole area must be better.”