A school governor at a Mill Hill primary school has condemned plans by a Hindu free school to move to a temporary site next door to it as "lacking in common sense.”

Harrow-based Avanti House announced plans in March to move its secondary school to a temporary site next to Fairway Primary School in The Fairway in September, before relocating to a permanent site on the Broadfields Estate in 2015.

But headteacher of Fairway Primary School and Children’s Centre Jan Parker and chairman of the school governors Gilead Limor are concerned an influx of parents driving their children to the new Avanti School would leave the roads around the school dangerous and gridlocked.

Ms Parker said: “The roads around the school are busy already. Our traffic problems are bad enough now, let alone when the number of cars is doubled when the new school arrives.”

Fairway Primary School is situated in a small enclave off Barnet Way and Mr Limor believes the narrow roads would not be able to take the extra 200 to 300 cars he feels would be needed to transport Avanti House students to the site.

He said: “Cars already park on the pavement and on single yellow lines. The Fairway is very narrow in some places and easily becomes gridlocked, meaning two oncoming cars can’t pass each other without driving on the pavement. No child has yet been injured by a car mounting the pavement, but there’s always a first time.”

Mr Limor added people travelling back to Harrow on the A41 Edgware Way could only do so by using the very narrow Pike Road, and predicted it would take at least 45 minutes for 250 extra cars to get down it onto the main road.

He said: "This is a Harrow school. In this site it will not serve the local population. I am concerned what will happen if there are issues with the Broadfields site and the school stays here longer than planned.

"This decision is in the hands of the Educational Funding Agency (EFA) and I feel they are leaving it far too late to hold a proper consultation with residents and the Fairway and Northway primary schools.

“The EFA should go back to the drawing board. I am concerned when the excitement has died down the school will realise moving to The Fairway is not such a good idea after all.”

Ms Parker said the first she knew about the school’s planned relocation was when she was contacted by the local authority in March at the same time the school's plans were made public.

She added: “I am concerned this school will be moving to the new site in four months time. So far there had been no consultation, I have heard nothing and Avanti House has not approached me at all.”

The site on which Avanti House plans to build its temporary school is currently a field which is used by fly tippers. The field is adjacent to a park owned by Barnet Borough Council and the fence between the park and the proposed site is currently broken, meaning children playing in the park after school can access the field.

Mr Limor added residents had not objected to Avanti House’s planned move in the same way those on the Broadfields Estate had because many of them were not aware of the school’s plans.

He said: “The influx of traffic will not only affect us, but will have an impact on residents trying to get to work in the morning. There is going to be a huge uproar when they find out.”

Governor of Avanti House School Ben Rich said he appreciated the concerns of staff and governors at Fairway Primary School.

He said: “It is worth bearing in mind that the temporary site will only be accommodating secondary school pupils. This is likely to mean around 180 pupils using the temporary site in The Fairway from September 2013, rising to 360 in 2014.

“While we don't deny that this may cause challenges, the impact is clearly less that for Broadfields, and of course temporary.

"We will want to continue discussion with local schools and residents and, in the interim, can be contacted at any time via our website.”