A family took a step back in time when their house was redecorated in a 1960s fashion for the filming of the new inspector Morse series, Endeavour.

Mamta Hardy of Courthouse Road, Finchley, was approached by a location manager for the new ITV series who was impressed with the style of her family home.

Mrs Hardy said: “He knocked on the door and said they were filming in the area and could he take a look at my house. It dates back to around the 1930s and we still have the original windows which had attracted him – they were looking for original features.”

Following an inspection inside, Mrs Hardy’s home was chosen as the ideal location for Endeavour Morse’s mentor, Detective Inspector Fred Thursday to live.

The crew set to work completely refurbishing the Hardys’ lounge and hallway with new carpets, wallpapers, light fixtures and of course – 1960s props. Their lounge was decked out with an old-fashioned television, radio, lamp, clock, wooden furniture and tea set.

Mrs Hardy said: “They changed everything – even the door handles, and they covered the radiators because obviously they didn’t have them back then. It was quite eerie because it just didn’t feel like we were in our own home.

“It was daunting to have about 50 people filming in my house but it was really exciting to watch the film crew and actors at work.  They also used our garage for a scene with Inspector Thursday polishing his gun.”

Mrs Hardy and her two children Safi, 17, and Kyle, 14, watched ITV last Sunday when their home made its appearance on the new series.

Mrs Hardy said: “We watched it in slow motion so we could see every bit of it. It was great to see it on television – it made you realise how much effort goes into filming just a three minute scene.”