A trustee at an Edgware Mosque has said how “ashamed” his community is after yesterday’s terrorist attack in Woolwich.

Mohammad Ghulfam, a trustee at the Islamic Centre, Edgware, condemned the “two stupid men” who hacked to death a soldier in the street in Woolwich, south-east London.

He said: “This was a horrible act. These men were not Muslims. Islam is a religion of peace. No religion preaches violence in this way. This was a terrible act, we are ashamed.

“Everyone in the community is so quiet, so shocked. It is really terrible.”

Mr Ghulfam said the mosque had already been contacted by Hendon MP Matthew Offord and other local politicians and leaders, who had offered their full support.

He added the community had not been attacked in reprisals, although he understood “people have a right to get angry.”

He said although the mosque was shaken, members of the community were not worried about themselves and the threat of reprisals, but about the family of the murdered man.

Mr Ghulfam said: “We will pray for the family of the murdered soldier at Friday prayers tomorrow, that they have the strength to get through this.

"We want to know if there is anything at all we can do to make things easier for the family. There are a lot of people ready to donate if someone opens a fund for the family.

“We hope people take lessons from this.”