Shop owners and residents fear proposals to turn an empty pub into a supermarket will destroy their street.

Tesco is consulting residents on proposals to turn the derelict Sparrow pub in Glengall Road in Edgware into a Tesco Express and flats.

Andrew Hamill, who has owned Andrew’s Be Fruitful grocers for the past 15 years, said the retail giant would force shops in the street to close.

He said: “If Tesco opens here, how can shops like Martin’s post office or Glengall Wines or Londis compete?

“It’s going to be terrible here when the shops are all closed up and empty. Tesco is coming here on purpose to destroy the street.

“This is a residential parade, with a primary school, not a high street.

“We’ve had problems here with anti-social behaviour which stopped when Glengall Wines changed its opening hours. That’s all going to start again with Tesco, they’ll sell alcohol to anyone and will be open until 11pm at night.”

He added the retail giant claimed it would create 20 new jobs, but said these would be part-time and would not replace those that would be lost were the businesses on the street to close.

Mr Dhiru Shah, who owns Londis, asked where the need was for a Tesco on the street.

He said: “What would Tesco sell that or the other shops on the street don’t? Instead they should turn the whole pub into flats, which would generate more business for the shops and more money for the landlord. Everyone would be happy that way.

“Instead, I’ll lose my business of 33 years. We want to progress here, not go downhill.”

Meet Sachdeva, 23, who owns Glengall Wines off-licence, said he, his wife and infant daughter already had to live with his parents in Southall, and that he would be “finished” if the store opened.

He said: “Business is already a bit down. I hardly have anything to feed my family.

“If a Tesco comes, it will destroy my business entirely.”

Shoppers also expressed their opposition to the move, which they fear would create noise and too much traffic on already narrow roads.

Bruce Lever, who lives in Glengall Road, said he had already written to his MP and was in the process of organising a campaign to oppose the changes.

He said: “I’m not against supermarkets but I don’t want one here. My kids attend Rosh Pinner School, and our road has enough traffic  and is far too narrow to support a Tesco. It wouldn’t be safe for my children.”

Susie Holder added: "I've been shopping here for years, I come from the other side of Edgware especially to use Andrew's Be Fruitful. A supermarket here would destroy the businesses here, I'd try and avoid it."

Ronit Haffner added: "The fruit and vegetables are so much nicer and fresher than those in Tesco. I bring my children here for a treat. We love Andrew's and the shops here and want them to stay." 

However some shoppers welcomed the possibility of Tesco moving to their road.

Rita Shah said: “I think it would be a really good thing for the area. Tesco is far cheaper than Londis and has more choice, especially since Londis has recently gone downhill. It’s good if you’re on a budget as I am."

Paula Thompson added: “I was pleased to hear a Tesco could be moving to my doorstep. I know a lot of people, especially mothers and the local Broadfields School who think the same as me.

“The local shops rip people off. It would be great to have some variety here.”

Because the pub premises already has planning approval for commercial use, Tesco will only need to apply for permission to make small changes to the shopfront and to install a cash machine.

Corporate affairs manager, Liz Ablett, said:"Our Express stores offer a fantastic range of quality products. Our longer opening hours mean we are there for you whenever you need us. The store will provide jobs for up to 20 people.”