Budding scientists used their flair for song to win a national competition.

Danny Flowers, 17, who lives in Edgware, and Jordan Mizrahi, 17, of Mill Hill, were named overall winners of the Royal Society of Chemistry Bill Bryson Prize 2013.

Launched by the author of popular science book A Short History of Nearly Everything, the completion rewards students who can explain science to others in a fun and informative way.

The boys, who attend JFS in Harrow, joined classmates Tomer duSautoy and Oren Sheldon to create a music video answering the question ‘How does science keep us healthy?’

Performing under the name Vitamin Vigilantes, the teenagers each defended the benefits of a particular vitamin and battled it out through a medley of songs.

The singing scientists finally decided humans needed all four vitamins to keep healthy.

Danny, who wrote and recorded the music for the winning entry, said: “We were absolutely ecstatic when we found out we had won the competition.

“We decided to enter because we thought it would be fun and I love being creative, but we also thought it would help us with our applications to university.

“We were confident that our entry was good but certainly didn’t expect to win the whole competition.”

JFS head of chemistry Alex Dawes said: “The boys worked exceedingly hard and produced something exceptional. Together with my colleagues at the JFS I am extremely proud of them.”