Expelled Tory councillor Brian Coleman tonight failed in a bid to escape his punishment for swearing at a father-of-two in a council meeting.

The disgraced Totteridge councillor contested the findings of a disciplinary panel that he had twice broken the members' code of conduct by failing to treat others with respect.

But his appeal was rejected by a majority vote resulting in a punishment of his actions being read before the full council.

Councillor Coleman stormed out of the chamber at tonight's meeting as a 39-vote majority dismissed his appeal against the censure.

The former Barnet mayor said earlier today he "didn't give a toss" what members decided but he cut a solemn figure as hands were raised around him to reject his plea.

The breaches related to an incident in which he called psychiatric nurse Paul Merchant "a tw*t" at a packed cabinet meeting last year, and for sending discourteous emails to Age UK Barnet chairman Julia Hines.

Former GLA member councillor Coleman claimed the findings were unlawful as he was 'tried' according to a former code of conduct which has since been replaced.

He also criticised the procedure for not allowing him legal representation at the hearing, which he did not attend on the advice of his solicitor.

But the Totteridge councillor's protestations were rejected and the breaches were read out to the chamber despite the fact the former Conservative had left.