Squatters who occupied The Bohemia pub in North Finchley held a demonstration outside an MP’s office to call for a relaxation in squatting laws.

The protest, organised by members of the Occupy movement who were evicted from the High Road pub earlier this month, attracted a handful of people outside Finchley and Golders Green MP Mike Freer’s constituency office on Friday.

Since their eviction by court order, the group have begun squatting a former Quaker Hall in Ballards Lane, opposite the Conservative politician’s Finchley headquarters.

The protesters claimed they were targeting the Tory MP for his record of supporting anti-squatting laws.

Up to 15 people waved placards that read ‘Hug the Homeless’, ‘Shame on You Mike Freer’, and ‘Mike Freer Wants You Homeless’.

Occupy member Peter Phoenix, who represented the group during their Bohemia eviction case at Barnet County Court, said “Mike Freer spearheaded the campaign which made it a criminal act to use these buildings for shelter.

“This change in the law has already lead to deaths from the cold. Squatting helped save my life when I was 19 and it was freezing cold; it is a lifesaver. Banning the right to shelter is murder.”

Mr Freer, who was not at his constituency office on Friday, described the group’s actions at the Bohemia and the former Quaker hall as “theft”.

He said: “Squatting is theft. I make no apologies for supporting hard-working families in Finchley. Whatever people’s problems, the theft of other people’s property is not acceptable and no-one has the right to do that.”

The former Barnet Council leader said the group was occupying the former Quaker hall without the owner’s permission.

He added: “I do not know who Mr Phoenix is and I’ve had no contact with him. I don’t know if he’s a constituent. There are ways to make your views known, but this is not it.”