With her cheeky grin and her twinkling brown eyes, it is easy to see why this baby won a national modelling competition.

Sienna Wee, of Bunns Lane, Mill Hill, caught a photographer's eye at the Baby Show last October - and has just been announced as this year’s Baby Show Star.

The 11-month-old has been turning heads wherever she goes for the past few months.

Her father, Kim Wee, 35, said: “She’s a very curious child, but very happy too, and she is always smiling. She loves climbing as well.

“She’s teething at the moment so she’ll put anything she can get her hands on in her mouth, so we’ve got to watch her really carefully.

“She does have a cheeky streak though. Her grandmother says she’s the naughtiest child she’s ever looked after. She’s very funny though.”

Her father, a consultant analyst, and mother Hannah Tran had always wanted Sienna to try out modelling - but did not expect her to be discovered at the show in October.

She has won a one-year modelling contract with agency Truly Scrumptious, and three hour-long shoots with Bumpkins studio.

The Baby Show is a national event, and Sienna was picked to be the grand winner out of hundreds of other babies who attended.

Mr Wee added: “It’s an exciting time. We want to show everyone how adorable our baby is. She’s a special little girl and we’re all very proud.”