Scorching hot weather and droughts are both an inevitable part of climate change - but a group of children are desperate to be part of the solution.

School councillors at St Paul’s Church of England Catholic School, in The Ridgeway, Mill Hill, were left shocked after hearing about the effects of global warming.

So the eight to 11-year-olds put their minds together and began penning letters to Hendon MP Matthew Offord to ask about his views on the subject.

At eight-years-old, year four student Sally is the youngest pupil on the school council, but she is not afraid to make her views heard.

She said: “It is interesting to find out more about climate change. It’s a very important subject.

“We want to do something to help and we think he’s the best person ask what to do.”

Year six pupil Nathaneal added: “We are interested to find out how climate change can affect people’s lives and what it can do to people’s homes.”

The hopeful pupils are now excited about the prospect of Mr Offord visiting their school to speak about the subject in greater depth.

Earth’s temperature has increased in recent years, which has caused changes to nature, rising sea levels and glaciers.

Head teacher Anthony David said: “We don’t want to grill him - it’s all about engaging in a healthy debate and discussion, and finding out how he can support the children.”

Mr Offord said he was “proud” of the children for taking a keen interest in climate change and plans to write back to them in due course.

He said: “It’s always pleasing to hear when children get involved in these issues.

“I will be taking action within the school, to come and visit them, and help them make changes in their lives.”