Volunteers at a run-down estate in East Finchley are looking for people to help determine how a £1million grant could transform the area.

The Grange Estate was given the huge sum from the National Lottery last year, and residents are now starting to plan how to spend the money.

Volunteer 'ambassadors' are needed to share their views on how the estate “everyone loves” can be turned into a thriving community hub.

Workshops for people to find out more about how they can get involved will be held, to give training, support and guidance.

Paul Bragman, the Big Local representative for East Finchley, said: “There’s a real mix of people on this estate and we’re really keen to help revitalise it.

“It’s important ambassadors volunteer because they’re the ones who live here, so they know how we could improve it better than anyone.

“We’re looking forward to the workshops and I am encouraging people who are passionate about making their area a better place to have their say.”

The Grange, Font Hills, Thomas More and the roads in between have all been allocated the money as part of a national scheme.

Residents are currently responding to a consultation to identify the areas of need and the way the money should be spent.

Many feel there should be more for children and teenagers to do, and others have suggested opening a community centre.

Grange Estate resident and Big Local Steering Group member Aisha Kene Lawrence said: “I feel that this exciting community-led project is really coming together.

“If you are interested in improving the area and want to have your say how the money is spent please come along to the Resident Ambassadors' Workshop.