Children learnt how little changes can make a big difference when they impressed an MP with their knowledge about climate change.

School councillors at St Paul’s Church of England Catholic School, in The Ridgeway, Mill Hill, invited Hendon MP Matthew Offord to teach them more about the hot topic.

The politician, who also sits on the environmental audit committee, said he was proud of the inquisitive eight to 11-year-olds for taking a keen interest in the subject.

Nathanael, 11, told Mr Offord the purpose of the council was to “explore, think and act” on the important decisions that affect school children after graduating.

Mr Offord said: ‘It shows that you’re not thinking just about you, not just about your school, not just about this area and Mill Hill, but about the whole world and our impact on it and that you understand and have said that.

“For me that’s very encouraging.”

The children had written to him as part of a project on climate change after being “shocked” about the devastating effects it can have.

They also showed him the willow dome they built out of sticks in the school's playground.

Earth’s temperature has increased in recent years, which has caused changes to nature, rising sea levels and glaciers.

Headteacher, Anthony David, said: “The whole point of Matthew’s visit was not to put a politician on the spot but to see how we, as a community, can act on issues together. 

“Matthew took the children’s questions seriously and they valued his support and explanation. 

“Our ambition, as a school, is to instill confidence in our learners and a sense of curiosity so they feel they can challenge our leaders but also have the self-awareness to understand how we can all work together.”